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Hello! We are Polished Rock.

Our Story

Polished Rock was founded in 2013 as a specialist provider of interactive hardware and software, all in one place. Under our flagship brand TouchscreenRentals.co.uk, we started by providing cutting-edge solutions for combined hardware+software projects, for live events and experiential marketing. Fast forward 7 years and TouchscreenRentals.co.uk is recognised as a leading provider for touchscreen rental and interactive software projects across Europe, working with some of the world's biggest brands, and with our MD being named in the '40 under 40' list of EMEA AV professionals.

As our software team grew, we increasingly delivered software only projects, taking interactive applications online for our existing clients. In 2019 we began offering bespoke software development services under our company name Polished Rock, using gaming technology to create 3D interactive experiences for B2B marketing and sales enablement.

Then came the Covid-19 pandemic! With it came the demand for better virtual sales tools. Using the same technical expertise we've developed over 8 years, 90% of our software projects are now bespoke virtual sales tools, like virtual showrooms and interactive 3D product animations.

Our Technology and Technical Expertise

We are a team of designers and developers that create bespoke applications for our clients. To remain responsive to our clients' needs, we don't rely on one type of technology or stick to a specific platform. Instead, we code from scratch, with the addition of a series of code modules we've created that form a suite of features. We also use a variety of development engines and software platforms, ensuring our clients get the solution that best fits their requirement and budget.

Custom Design: 2D Design, 3D Design, Motion Design

Custom Development: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Java, Python, C#

Development Platforms: Unity, Babylon JS, Sketchfab, 3DVista, Webfow, Wordpress, MetaVRse, Zapworks, Intuiface

Working With Our Team

With our studio in London (and virtual working!), we have a senior team of experienced industry specialists, based in the UK.

Mark Worger, Founder & MD

With 15 years' experience of leadership roles in tech SMEs, Mark leads the team at Polished Rock. From hardware manufacturing to software development, Mark has a broad range of technical expertise and works closely with the creative and technical teams on client projects.

Nathan Nichols, Business Development Manager & Virtual Environment Specialist

With 10 years' experience in both digital marketing and live experiential marketing, Nathan works closely with our clients at the concept stage, forming a detailed brief and set of requirements, and putting together the right solution for the right budget.

Sarah Richards, Project Manager & 3D Specialist

Sarah has 8 years' experience in virtual reality as a senior 3D design artist and project manager, with Kantar and Babcock International. Sarah manages our client projects from start to finish and runs our software studio.

Julia Segure, Lead Designer

Julia has over 10 years' experience as a senior interactive designer, working in France, Canada with SmartPixel, and now the UK. With a wide range of experience including application design, branding and data visualisation, Julia is our creative lead and specialises in user experience and user interface design.

Sam Hopkins, Lead Developer

Sam has 6 years' experience in lead development rolls, covering VR and AR, gaming and mobile app development. An expert in game design and development and 3D applications, Sam's knowledge covers a range of coding languages and development methodologies. As our lead developer Sam helps form the ideal technical solution to meet our clients' requirements and oversees the development process.

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