Polished Rock Welcomes New Digital Project Manager

I'm delighted to welcome Sarah Richards to our team at Polished Rock!

When I first started our company a friend/successful businessperson said "the key to to growing a successful business is hiring people who are more talented than you are." I've not only found this to be true, but is something I love about my job. At least once a day someone in our team does something that has me wasting time looking for an appropriate GIF that I can post in our team Discord chat that fairly represents my awe!

Sarah is our new digital project manager - software producer - studio manager - sometime 3D modeller - creative contributor - type person. Not only a natural organiser with impeccable attention to detail, AND someone who can explain pretty complex stuff in way that doesn't make you feel confused or stupid, but ALSO an experienced 3D Designer with a background in e-learning and virtual reality AND ALSO artistic with a Fine Art degree....

...going to need a new GIF library!

Welcome to the team Sarah!

Mark Worger, MD

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