Our Design & Development Process

Creating The Brief & Specification

1. Fact find meeting and demo

This is typically our first meeting together with our Business Development Manager and virtual environment specialist, and/or our MD. We find out about you, tell you about us and see how what we do might fit, with real-life examples. By the end of the meeting you should be clear about what we offer and how we work, and we should have a clear idea about the kind of solution that might work for you. Either during in the meeting or shortly afterwards, we're usually able to establish a basic requirement and provide an estimate. If it's a complex project with more stakeholders, there might be a further scoping meeting to form the ideal solution.

2. Proposal, Quote & Specification

If our initial estimate and outline of the solution fits with what you're looking for, we develop this into a formal proposal and fixed quotation. This includes a detailed technical specification, describing how your application will work, detailing the user journey and listing the deliverables. It's then yours to review, approve and, if you want to ahead, confirm your order (followed by invoice and payment).

Design & Development

We start by introducing you to your dedicated Project Manager, who will be your main point of contact and has overall responsibility for the design and development of your application. Our Project Manager will provide a project plan with timescales, so you know exactly when you can expect the delivery of each stage and have a deadline for your actions. Then the work begins! We have a tried and tested development process, that makes it as easy and efficient for you as possible...

1. Content and assets

The main thing we need from you is your branding guidelines, content and any assets. We'll provide an asset list, detailing what we need and in what formats. That's everything we need to create your design and develop your application!

2. Design

During the design phase, we design your 3D environment, user journey, and user interface. We share our designs with you along the way, typically across a design concept and two drafts, until you're happy and approve the final design. Usually during this phase we're also busy creating any assets, like 3D models for your products.

3. Development

Now it's all down to us! We develop your application, managed by your project manager and using our chosen development methodology and QA process. Once we're happy, we'll provide a BETA Release, a fully functioning version of your application for you to try and test. We get your feedback and carry out the final stage of our own QA process with end-user testing, before making any final changes and providing the Final Release.

4. Launch

With the publication of the Final Release, your application is live and ready to use! We'll typically provide a handover training session, with supporting documentation and 'how-to' videos.

5. Ongoing management, support and maintenance

After launch it doesn't stop there. We manage your application throughout its lifetime, maintaining the application with necessary updates and providing you with technical support. The Virtual Sales Tools we provide are not just for one season, they're for life. We have regular review points to analyse quantitative data and qualitative feedback, constantly improving and evolving your application to meet your business needs.

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