Case Study - Golden Bear Toys Virtual Showroom

150 Products
16 Brands
Transforming Over 1000 PowerPoint Slides

Who Are Golden Bear Toys?

Golden Bear Toys are a UK toy manufacturer transforming some of the most popular children’s TV characters into high-quality toys. Their seasonal range consists of over 150 products across 16 high profile brands.

The Problem

Traditionally Golden Bear Toys presented their toys to worldwide distributors with a mixture of international tradeshows and online sales presentations using PowerPoint. The Covid pandemic restricted in-person meetings, and their clients increasingly came to prefer online meetings as their own working habits changed. Golden Bear wanted to do more with their online presentations, making them just as innovative and impactful as their live events. Moreover, without the physical products available, they were finding it difficult to showcase product features and quality.

The Solution

We worked with Golden Bear Toys to create an interactive Virtual Showroom sales enablement tool. It features a conceptual magic garden 3D environment, activating the Golden Bear brand. It uses interactive infographics to tell a story, reinforcing company values and sustainability messaging. Each product brand has its own tailored 3D environment, showcasing products in 3D. The presenter is able to put the product ‘in the client’s hands’ using 3D interactive models, and focus on key features and product information. It’s powered by a dynamic CMS, allowing for real-time updates.

The Result

The Virtual Showroom has transformed the way Golden Bear sales teams do online sales presentations. It’s no longer about presenting information, but giving clients an experience, with products at the core. Over 5000 sales presentations have been delivered in 6 months, and have been so successful that the Virtual Showroom will also be used on giant touchscreens to present information at tradeshows in the future.

What Our Client Says

I thought you might like to hear some feedback from one of the first users of our virtual sales environment...

"Just a quick note to say I thought the preview was excellent. I’ve been doing virtual product previews since November and I can’t think of another supplier that comes close in terms of being so fun, interactive and showcasing multiple assets. The vast majority of my previews have been by PowerPoint so it was really refreshing to see the products in a different format."

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