Case Study - EK Interactive Virtual Product Demo

Increased conversion rate for online sales presentations to 80% with virtual sales tool, compared to10% using PowerPoint and 70% doing onsite physical demos.
Saving £1000 per week (£500 per demo) compared to doing onsite demos, totalling £50,000 in first 6 months.
Shortened conversion time by 50% from first enquiry to order.

Who Are EK Interactive?

EK Interactive provide a fully automated, self-service health screening kiosk for GP Practices. It allows patients to take their own health tests rather than booking a face-to-face consultation, with their results automatically saved to their patient record.

The Problem

Traditionally EK Interactive demonstrated their product onsite at client locations. However, due to time and cost, and later restrictions and the changing working habits of their clients because of the Covid pandemic, they switched to online demos. The problem was that their online sales presentations using PowerPoint and video recordings did not have the impact of live physical demos.

The Solution

We worked with EK Interactive to create an interactive Virtual Product Demo sales enablement tool. Delivered online as a sales presentation, it simulates a patient visiting a GP Practice in an immersive 3D environment, and using the Self-Health Screening Kiosk in exactly the same way they would in the real world. Meanwhile for the GP Practice, it enables them to see how the kiosk works within their setting, even visualising how data is automatically processed and displayed in their administration system. Using interactive 3D product animations, the presenter can showcase key features and cover supporting business case and sales material.

The Result

The Virtual Product Demo made an immediate impact, almost instantly increasing conversion rates for online meetings from 10% to 80%, even higher than onsite physical demos. At the same time, with an average saving of £500 per demo, their gross profit margin increased by 10%. Just as important was the softer benefit of delivering an innovative sales presentation, bringing the product and brand to life, and laying the foundations for a lasting customer relationship.

What Our Client Says

"Thought you’d want to know that I’ve just done our first Virtual Sales Presentation with a GP Practice and it went really, really well! They thought the interactive environment and product demo was great. I asked for their feedback and they were really complimentary about it and felt it had everything needed. They were keen to see the kit in real life and have confirmed they want to order one! Thank you for putting all of this together."

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